5 Dress Can Be Used Day and Night

Most beautiful women would probably agree if we say that the dress is clothing that is most easily adapted to many events, regardless of day or night, but of course with a few tricks and the right choice, you will still be able to look good in both day and night despite only use 1 piece of clothing.
Well here is the choice of dress, suitable for day and night!

Plain Black Dress

Undoubtedly, it is plain black dress has become the choice of most women in dressing both daytime and at night even designer dresses women experts also confirmed it. It would be more appropriate if combined with various types of outer material that is adapted to the activities and events you want to attend, as well as selected accessories.
Plain Black Dress for the day; Pair with accessories made from wood or more that have bright colors.
Plain Black Dress for the evening; to make it look graceful choose accessories are colored silver, gold or glamour.

Printed Dress
Print dress that has an interesting motif is a dress that is suitable for any occasion and atmosphere. For the time adjustment, outer the reference. By selecting a jacket, blazer or cardigan which can instantly change the appearance.
For daytime choose a cardigan that effect casual look, while the evenings are advised to choose a blazer that will give you the impression glossy in appearance.

White dress
Most women avoid plain white dress because of fear of dirty, even white dress is actually capable of making you look up with neutral colors and can be combined with any access and accessories that you like.

Color block dress
Dress with the dominant colors brighter lately popular and mainstream, especially for bold pastel colors, now you can also make it a mainstay in order to keep your look stunning both daytime and night.

Maxi dress
For petite women may maxi dress is a bad choice for a dress because feared to be drowned in it, but it is not so clever as long as you choose the materials, motifs and the right accessories.
To clear the daytime you should wear bright colors, and for the night should you get to choose the printing motif made from lightweight

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